Esthetician school teaches you the foundation of your craft, but it doesn't prepare you for running a wildly successful and profitable business. I created the Art of Aesthetics Academy for estheticians committed to excellence. In our programs, you'll fast-track the growth of your dream business without burn out and overwhelm.


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Nearly 84% of the population struggle with acne or pigmentation. As an esthetician, you already know that skin concerns aren't skin deep - they often impact a person's confidence, energy and even mental health.

When you learn how to effectively treat acne, inflammation and hyperpigmentation you truly can be the change agent in your clients' lives.

And when you treating multicultural skin and skin of color? That's a whole other skillset that - unfortunately - most esthetics school textbooks only dedicate 3 pages to.

We need more experts in the field of corrective skin treatments - and this program is just the thing you need to get you to that level.

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Corrective skincare PROGRAM

marissa vaught, skin by alanilee

School doesn't teach you all of this business - they don't teach you how to be successful and make money they way we want to. You have a gift - you have a language and relatability and you have it in this class!

I love that you added a lot of business in there!

laToya Crawford, Illuminated Beauty & skinCare Den

I love that you can watch the classes on your own time - even if you can't make them live. I feel so confident now going to the client, with whatever issues they present with. And the clients keep coming back because it works!

I love the class - period! Huge thank you, Naikia!

Andrea Antoine, oasis essentials skincare

I've learned so much about what products are good for dark skin, what to avoid with pigmentation - I've learned SO much and incorporated that into my clientele. I've seen the improvement already!

It's very much "giving a class"!

student love

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 4-figure consultations + more!

creating transformative treatment plans

how to brighten pigmentation 

how to treat and clear acne

master your mindset

8 week program with modules and live group coaching sessions

corrective skincare course includes:

see our transformations see our transformations see our transformations

see our transformations see our transformations see our transformations

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Our industry can be competitive - but in the Art of Aesthetics circle, we're focused on building a powerful community of excellent estheticians.

You are craving the confidence to blow away your clients - from the consultation through the treatment, retail sale, follow up, and more. 

We've got the education, knowledge and support to get you there - fast.

You  deserve to feel empowered, successful and supported.

Hear from former students

Become the skin transformation pro in your area and watch as your confidence, clientele and business soar.

Elevate your esthetics biz


When the doors open, you'll be the first to know. Submit your application to determine if this program is a fit for you.



Applications will open prior to the launch date. Because this program includes live coaching, it is not open all year round.



The first step in creating results for your clients is having the education, support and confidence in yourself. Here's how we prepare you for all that and more.

Become a Corrective Skincare Specialist

In 2021 I had one goal: become a six-figure solo aesthetician.

I did the math and got to work curating treatment plans and paired them perfect skincare products.

In my first year as a full time solo esthetician I was consistently having 5-figure months, paying myself a salary, and had sold $50k in skincare products earning myself a prestigious sales partner award. 

Utilizing the best practices I teach in this program, I became a 5x Award winning aesthetician in the International Skin Games Competition. I earned awards for my case studies in pigmentation, acne, holistic, medical and selfie categories.

Now,  my goal is to teach you everything I learned along the way because I truly believe more women - especially women of color - deserve the same recognition and success.



Fall 2023:
The Core Program is $1997.
The VIP Program is $2997.
Summer 2024: 

what's the investment?

The next round of the program will kick-off October 8,  2023. For now, join the waitlist. 

when does the program go live?

The VIP level includes the Core Program and three months of 1:1 coaching with three 60-minute coaching calls tailored for the needs of your business.

what's the vip program?

The coaching will focus on helping you master your mindset, create repeatable 4-figure consultations, learn to level up your retail, feedback  & analysis on your corrective skincare case study, and we will leave time for Q&A's.

what will i be coached on?

The 4 modules focus on Clarifying Your Vision , Clearing Acne , Treating Pigmentation + Texture and Creating Transformative Treatment Plans.

what will the modules focus on?

The Corrective Skincare Program is 8 weeks long. We'll have live weekly group coaching along with 4 pre-recorded modules you can consume on your own time.

how long is the program?

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